BEN 歌名:Ben 演唱者:Michael Jackson收錄專輯:Ben專輯發行日:1972.08.04Ben, the two of us need look no more班,我倆不需再尋覓馬爾地夫We both found what we were looking for我倆都已找到想要的With a friend to call my own屬於自己的朋友I'll never be alone我不再禮服孤獨And you, my friend, will see而你,我的朋友,你會明白You've got a friend in me你找到了知己Ben, you're always running 西裝外套here and there班,你總是東奔西跑You feel you're not wanted anywhere你覺得再也沒有人需要你If you ever look behind如果你曾回頭ARMANI望And don't like what you find卻不喜所見There's one thing you should know你必須明白一件事You've got a place to go有G2000個地方是屬於你的I used to say "I" and "me"我過去常說"我"和"me"Now it's "us", now it's "we"現在,改成了"我西服們"和"we"Ben, most people would turn you away班,大部分的人都拒你於門外I don't listen to a word they say我不想聽他結婚西裝們的說詞They don't see you as I do他們不像我一樣了解你I wish they would try to我希望他們能試試看I'm sure they'd 結婚think again我相信人們會重新思考If they had a friend like Ben只要他們有個像班一樣的朋友Like Ben像班一樣(Like Ben) (像班一樣)西裝Like Ben像班一樣

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